Good design
is honest.

Dieter Rams

Hi! I'm Rofikul Shahin. Welcome to my portfolio. I’m a web designer, WordPress Developer and JS enthusiast based in Manchester and Huddersfield. I’m also one of the lead developers at Pixel Kicks - Manchester's highest rated digital agency.

After a decade designing and developing websites, espeically WordPress sites, I like to think of myself as a bit of a WordPress specialist now. Anything from a small brochure website to full blown e-commerce websites, I've had the priviledge of exploring both ends of the spectrum. If you're looking for a bespoke website built to the highest standard and designed soley for your website, you're looking at the right person. I have an immense love for designing simple and functional websites that not only look good, but sell well too. I believe in first impressions and that's exactly what drives me. A website that looks good but doesn't work as well is not a website worth building. All my projects are bespoke, and custom built from the ground up in two stages- design and development. Once designs are approved, only then the site begins to take shape in code to ensure there are not hiccups along the way. This means you get an efficient, cleanly coded website tailored exactly to your needs, and highly optimised to meet Google's pagespeed and Mobile ready requirements.

Currently in love with:
Adobe Creative Suite,
React JS